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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 14:29

Even in a new residence you might want some remodeling done before you move in.  We did one project that was a brand new condo, never been lived in. However, when you first walked into the living room the views of the mountains were completely blocked by a thirty inch wall between the living room and the kitchen. We took out the wall and replaced it with a beautiful wooden column that matched the posts on the stairs. It looks like it was always there!

Or, maybe you want a new central single remote sound system? Or a room converted to a bunk room, or a home cinema, or..or…or….. The list could be endless! Well, contrary to popular belief, you can have it all.

In addition to impeccable design, our team of highly trained professionals includes carpenters, cabinet makers, audio visual engineering, electricians and plumbers, dry wall hangers and painters. We really can do nearly anything and often times do!

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