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Saturday, 16 October 2010 02:42

It’s great quality time spent together with family and friends enjoying movies in your private and luxurious home cinema! Our “dream team” will engineer, design and build your home cinema of any size.

Acoustics are paramount, so the first thing we do is survey the space with our sound engineer.  He tells us how many seats the space will accommodate and where he needs to have speakers and acoustical panels to get perfect sound for every seat. Once we have that information we create a design that suits the space.

We determine a design that includes a color palette, fabric or leathers for seating, wall coverings both for acoustics and aesthetics, lighting and carpeting. You can choose the seating you want, be it sofas or loveseats for cuddling, to true theater seats that both recline and respond to the sounds and movement on the screen from the movie you’re watching!

Lighting is a key element in creating the mood in a great home cinema. The style of lighting not only has to look great but it also can’t reflect light, sound and movement coming from whatever movie is showing on the screen.  You can even choose to have a star field in your ceiling acoustical panels!

Then, sitting in your theater seat with a single easy to operate control pad, the lights slowly dim and you are immediately transported to the world of film and beyond.

This close attention to the smallest details creates a viewing experience you can only achieve in a well designed private theater. If a home cinema is your dream we can create it!

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